Black Hair

Black Hair Series - Turn White Hair To Black Malaysia


Black Hair Series - Turn White Hair To Black

BF1 Black hair series turning white or gray hair to black starting from hair roots within 90 days. Black hair series helps to improve and activate the clack melanin cell to existing white or gray hair.

(Note : This products do not perform hair dyed, existing white hair will not turn black.)

Graying hair is one of the aging physical reaction. Most of people having gray or white hair during age of 40s and above, it probably begins from the sides and progress to the top. The pigmentation of hairs basically depends on the quantity of melanin cell, nutrition imbalance and aging progress, when the melanin cell become insufficient, it causes our black hair slowly become gray to white.

Black Hair Series FAQ :

1. Every set of Black Hair Series can use for 30-45 days depending the hair length and volume.

2. Dying hair will not effected the results during the process of using the Black Hair Series.

3. Do not bleaching your hair during the process of using Black Hair Series, because bleaching hair will remove all the Black Melanin Cell.

4. The Black Hair results will be starting from the hair roots of major white hair, wait until the black hair reach more then 2 cm, then you can reduce the usage of the Black Hair Series.

5. The Black Hair Series results providing more then 90% of white hair turn to black hair or dark brown hair. (Some of the hardworking user can cover 100%, so the results will all depending the process of you using the Black Hair Series.)

6. The Black Hair Series have to using by the set as above, one or two items from the above will not providing any good results to your hair.

7. Once the new growth black hair length reach more then 6 cm, the hair will not turn back to white again in the event of you maintaining good life style. ( Approx. 4-6 sets of Black Hair Series )

8. Any further technical assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at : +603-6257 6048 or email us at

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