Dry Flowers - Roselle Flower Tea - 洛神花茶 50g


Dry Flowers - Roselle Flower Tea - 洛神花茶 50g
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Benefits: Rosella flower tea helps lower cholesterol, normalize blood pressure, overcome cough, sore throat and sores, weight loss, bowel launch, and prevent bone loss, enhancing stamina, endurance and body care.


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Activity with a very solid, certainly sports only a dream for the workers. Sports a very minimal performedcan lead to various kinds of things that certainly is negative. Obesity problem from the start until the emergence of diseases that kill. The last few years has found a flower called rosella flowers, some of the research found that rosella flowers provide a huge benefit to health. Rosella red disease can prevent cancer and inflammation, to control blood pressure, smooth blood circulation, expedite defecate and can even lose weight. Roselle trees grow from seeds with a height that can reach 3 - 5 meters and remove the flower almost all year round. Roselle bright colored flowers, flower dark red and thicker compared with hibiscus / shoes. Roselle flower part that can be processed into food sheath is the interest rates that have a very sour taste. Sheath it can be processed into various types of food such as drinks, jelly, sauce, dust (tea) or candied Roselle. Roselle young leaves can also be eaten as a side dish or salad. Meanwhile in Africa, Roselle seeds eaten as a trusted contain oil. In Sudan, Roselle processed into traditional drink called Karkadeh and is the national drink, the Sudan. Roselle is a kind of tree that is easily planted perdu. How to plant the seeds with a dry and harvest. Roselle widely used for making juice, saos, syrup, and also as a coloring material on the food. Extracts of flowers bud was able to function as antispasmodik (storm spasm), antihelmintik (anti-worm) and anti-bacteria. In addition rosella was able to decrease the rate of absorption of alcohol. Leaf herb plants, this can also be used to treat wounds, skin disease and insect bites.


Use Direction :

Step 1 : Place herbal in a glass then pour hot water.

Amount of usage : Approximately 2cm height (from bottom of your glass)


Step 2 : Wait For 5 minutes  and ready to drink

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