Dry Herbal - Tangerine - 500g


Dry Herbal - Tangerine - 500g
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Do you like tangerines? Those highly colored citrics? I like them a lot. But did you know that there are many tangerine health benefits? Do you know that there are many health benefits of eating tangerine peel?

Tangerines are citrics such as lemons and oranges, so tangerine health benefits are similar to those of oranges and lemons. To start off tangerines are rich in vitamin C just like oranges and lemons. Is addition they are rich in fiber another constituent that have many health benefits.


Tangerine health benefits 1: Vitamin C


As you know, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant. Thus it protects you from the dangerous effects of free radicals, This antioxidant effect will help you live longer and healthier.


Tangerine health benefits 2: Fiber


You also probably know aboutt he health benefits of fiber. Fiber helps you increase your bowel movement, lowers cholesterol, and controls your blood sugar levels. Also, it is said that fiber prevents heart disease and colon cancer.


Tangerine health benefits 3: Hesperidin


Hesperidin is present in high quantities in tangerines specially in the inner part of the skin (peel). It is said tha hesperidin has antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects on cells and tissues helping thus preventing aging and cancer.


There are other healthy compunds such as tangeretin and nobiletin with many health benefits. Again, the peel has the highest concentrations. So you will need to ingest the peel of the tangerine to reap the full benefits of tangerins


So how can you eat the peel of tangerins?


Eating the peels of tangerines: make a tangerine peel powder


To do this you will dry the peel after you have eaten the pulp. There are some food dehydrators you could use but even at room temperature you could dry the tangerine peel. After drying, take the dried material and grind it with a coffee grinder. Store in the refrigerator until needed (to preserve fully its properties)


You can sprinkle the powder in juices or on rice and pasta. You can also add a few spoonfuls of powder to olive oil to form a paste and after about 15 minutes, smear the paste on fish before broiling.


Eating the peels of tangerines: grate the peel


With a cheese grater grate the tangerine peel and add it to salads. The flavor will be very rich and take salads to a new level of sensory feelings. Grated peel can be added to soups and can be used to marinate meats, chicken or fish.


Eating the peels of tangerines: Boil them


You can take the tangerine peels and boil them in water. Let it cool and refrigerate. This is an excellent cold drink. If you wish sweeten the drink with the sweetener of your preference

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