Dry Herbal Frankincense - 1kg


Dry Herbal Frankincense - 1kg
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Frankincense: Health Benefits and Tips from the Experts


You probably know by now that one of my favorite things are essential oils.


They are part of my daily disease prevention regimen, I carry them with me everywhere, and theyIMG_0140 are definitely on my list of most valuable possessions.  The lemon in my water, the peppermint on my temples, the frankincense on my feet… you get the picture.


So, speaking of frankincense.


It’s been named the “king of oils” for a reason.  If I had to narrow down my list of essential oils to just a few that I’d grab with me in an emergency – I’d have frankincense.  It has one of the most diverse chemical profiles and is good for a longer list of conditions than you would have the attention for in this post!


So, let me give you a few tips on using essential oils and then share the highlights on using Frankincense.


Guidelines For Using Essential Oils


* Grade & Quality: There are many grades and qualities of essential oils.  I use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) Essential Oils from doTERRA because of their high standards for quality and purity – read more about that here.  (Note: The uses I discuss in this post are specific to CPTG quality essential oils)

* Ways to Use Oils: Aromatically (in a diffuser, smelling from the bottle), topically (apply directly to the skin or with a carrier oil to the area of concern or bottoms of feet), or internally (in water, under the tongue, or in an empty gel capsule).

* How Often to Use: Frequency is better than quantity.  Once or twice a day for chronic issues.  Every couple hours for acute problems.

* How Much to Use: 1-2 drops for children, 3-5 drops for adults.


Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil


Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-carcinogenic, astringent, carminative (relieves gas), cytophylatic (stimulates regeneration of cells), digestive, diuretic, expectorant, sedative, immune boosting tonic.


Blends Well With


Frankincense blends well with other oils like patchouli, clary sage, myrrh, rosemary, basil, vetiver, citrus oils, and florals. The oils listed in ( ) below are suggestions, but Frankincense can always be used alone too.


Primary Uses


* Anti-depressant: Diffuse or apply drops to back of neck (+ Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang)

* Alzheimers Disease/Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease: Apply to back of neck, diffuse, take internally in capsules

* Anxiety: Diffuse or apply to chest (+ Marjoram, Geranium)

* Cut and wound healing: Apply drops with carrier oil to affected area (+ Lavender, Helichrysum)

* Cold and flu: Apply to chest along sternum in upward motion (+ White Fir, Eucalyptus)

* Dry Skin: Apply with carrier oil or unscented lotion

* Immune System Support: Apply to bottoms of feet daily, as nightly bedtime regimen.

* Pain Relief: Apply with a carrier oil to area of concern.

* Spiritual Awareness: Diffuse or apply topically before church, meditation, prayer, or yoga practice.

* Tumor: Apply topically and take internally.

* Wrinkles: Apply directly to the skin.

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