Natural Aroma Oil Ginseng - 10ml


Natural Aroma Oil Ginseng - 10ml
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Natural Aroma Oil Ginseng

Its botanical name is Panax Ginseng and speaks volumes on its properties: in fact the word Panax comes from the greek pan-axos and literally means "that heals everything."




* Anxiety, Stress, For antioxidant properties, For immune system, For circulation and cardiovascular system, For blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure, For depression and well-being, For menopause, For male and female reproductive systems, For vision and hearing, For physical and mental energy and performans


Its botanical name is Panax Ginseng and speaks volumes on its properties: in fact the word Panax comes from the greek pan-axos and literally means "that heals everything." The plant ginseng grows mainly in East Asia and North America, the species most used is that Vietnamese panax. In China, ginseng is called "ren shen", which literally means "man root", probably because of its shape resembling the human body but also because the root of ginseng is a powerful tonic for the whole organism. The knowledge and use of ginseng for therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years ago and its effectiveness has been demonstrated by several studies throughout the world.

The virtues and healing properties attributed to ginseng are due to other components present in its roots valuable vitamins, aroma oil, ginsenosides and saponins, given the active root.


Healing properties and benefits of Artichoke 

There are many benefits that have been attributed to extracts of ginseng root, is traditionally considered a drug with remarkable properties tonic tonics, especially the immune system. Several studies have shown that ginseng positive influence on the release of a hormone called cortisol , which in turn improves the body's response to stressful situations. Thus ginseng makes the body more resistant to reducing damage caused by pathogens or stress negative.


In general, its ability to restore the balance in the human body, increasing the ability to adapt to environmental changes is the most effective ginseng "adaptogen" so far known. In ginseng were isolated antioxidants, which not only block the harmful effects of free radicals and slow cellular aging, could also have important anti-cancer activity. Recent studies have shown that administration of ginseng extract to some cancer patients, it can significantly reduce the chronic fatigue patients, which is one of the most common and debilitating effects of cancer and its treatments.



In the market there are many dietary supplements made from ginseng root: drink bottles, capsules, tablets, powders, roots, chewing and pure extract. A word of advice: do not buy supplements ginseng in large supermarkets or poorly controlled may be hazardous due to the poor.

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