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Essential Oils Safe To Consume ?

Many manufacturers and direct selling parties have been advice using essential oils for intake medications. Before trusting the article they said, please ask yourself questions as below :-

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1. There are trillions of living creatures on earth, which one consume oils for living?

2. If essential oils good for supplements or medications, it should registered under Traditional Medicine or Pharmaceutical, not Therapeutic Grade or any others grade claimed.

3. If essential oils use for supplements or medications it should be advice by Professional Pharmacist or Doctors, not direct selling agents for self diagnose on website.

4. Worldwide Health Ministry advice healthy living should less oil, less sugar, less salt.

5. Are you willing to be a Lab Rats to risk your health or your loved one health?

6. Are you willing because of earning money, introduce uncertain medicine to a sick patients?

7. Before you consume, please search for " FDA Warning Consuming Essential Oils ".

We are a responsible manufacturer, we do not advice any essential oils or any kind of oils use for intake as supplements or medications.

Thank You.



许多制造商和直销各方都建议食用精油取代药物及保健品。,相信他们说法或文章之前,请你想想以下问题: -

1. 地球上有亿万生物,哪一个依靠食用油生存?

2. 如果精油是保健品或药物,就应该具有传统医物和药品注册,而不是治疗级或任何其他等级。

3. 如精油使用于保健品或药物应当由专业药剂师或医生建议,不是由销售代理进行或网站的自我诊断。

4. 全球卫生组织建议健康的生活要少油,少糖,少放盐。

5. 你是否愿意成为一个实验室老鼠,让您的健康或你爱的人的健康冒险?

6. 你是否愿意,因为赚钱,引进不确定药物给病人?

7. 食用精油之前, 请搜索“FDA的警告 " FDA Warning Consuming Essential Oils ".



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